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Management Services

Customer Service

  • Collect all monthly rents and maintain owner and tenant records.
  • Initiating reminder correspondence and collection efforts on past due balances.
  • Receive and resolve all maintenance issues for tenants in an expedient manner.
  • Assist tenants in finding rental insurance and encouraging them to purchase it.
  • Our main focus is resident retention in order to ensure your properties stay rented as long as possible!
  • Work diligently 7 days a week to get vacancies filled and ensure maximize income.
  • Field all calls and conduct all showings of the properties.
  • No additional costs for advertising.
  • They may be able to beat our pricing, but they won’t beat our service and expertise!

We promise to:

  • Give personal attention to all matters of importance.
  • Constantly strive to provide the best service for the best value.
  • Personal involvement in all aspects of the screening process and the most comprehensive screening process possible.
  • Always maintain the integrity of your property while making sure you get the best cash flow possible.